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    Out of Iraq, into New Orleans!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Brain Burps

My truly gifted nephew asked, "Aunt Mary, Do you have 'sack o' heron'?"

Now, I have a highly visual mind that converts words to images about as fast as they are spoken. So, I envisioned a huge sack of squawking, wriggling herons. But, surely my nephew isn't asking that? Squinting my eyes trying to discern his meaning, I asked, "What are you asking?"

He answered as if speaking to a very young child, "You know, those little packets used to sweeten things?"

"Ohhh." I grinned in relief. All clear. Saccharin.

I call this type of communication, little brain burps. You know, when you go to say something and a little burp pops up instead and it takes you by surprise, so you laugh a bit and carry on. My mother, a sweet woman and a lifelong passionate Democrat had just been off to the local college to take the required coursework to fulfill her position as Judge of Elections. She and I sat in my kitchen sipping coffee while she enthusiastically told me about the course and some of the special conditions she might encounter. Keep in mind, this is a woman who didn't know what a BJ was until Clinton had his 'unfortunate incident' with Monica. She was a lovely, sweet woman, my mother, in every way except politics and then she was a fireball, but she was shocked, shocked, I tell you to know what went on under the desk in the oval office.

While telling me of her new training, I can still see her face - so sweet and so serious as she sat her coffee cup down and said, "Of course, If someone comes in with a prophylactic, you have to go with them into the voting booth and help them."

In rapid fire scenes, my mind played out a man coming in flipping a condom like a coin, winking at my mother and she as a dutiful Judge of Elections would slip behind the voting booth curtains and well, you know the rest. After a moment, I shook off the images and asked, "You said 'someone with a prophylactic'. Did you maybeeee mean a paraplegic? I know you'd do anything to get Democrats elected, but still..., there are limits."

Brain burps - We roared with laughter. Now today, I'm wonder what could we do to get more people to vote and take back our country. Obviously, pretty lady Judges of Election aren't the total answer. Do you think we could enact a law requiring everyone to vote? If you live here, you vote here and if you don't vote here - you can't live here. What do you think?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Yep, He is a Floatahh!

Walking the dog, I go past an old rundown house that kids would call the haunted house. Lance likes to sniff and leave his well written lift leg messages there. As I stood examining the little red ants in the dirt, I heard a raspy, deeply southern half-shout, "Where'd you git dat dawg?" There under the tree sat a little old man, with skin dried like an old apple dried up in the sun and the owner of the raspy southern drawl. Lance's head jerked up; he saw the man and made a beeline, tail wagging in a manic greeting. Do I follow? My mind quickly analyzed the situation. The man is small and old. I could take him any day and if Lance approves he passes the ultimate test and I sauntered over.

Now Lance and the old man were in the throes of that joyful affection between man and dog and Lance was in full appreciation of the scratching in that special place that all living things love - behind the ears. "Where'd ya git dis ol' dawg? Ah jus love this dawg" he chortled. The happiness was evident and you'd think Lance was the best thing that ever happened in the old man's entire life from the way he threw his delight aroundt. I told the story of Lance while the old man continued to stroke, pat and coo over the dog who by now, was ready to vote the old man in as President.

We made stopping at Thomas's house a regular part of our daily journey around the neighborhood. That's his name, Thomas, but I call him Jubilation T. Cornpone. Jubilation, because he is wildly jubilant over any kindness shown to him and Cornpone for his deep southern roots. One day, I brought him a small pan of fudge and you would have thought I'd just given him the crown jewels. He was ecstatic as he ate the fudge, rolling his eyes and declaring it 'jus liake mah momma made'.

Jubilation died in his sleep at 96 years of age, but every time I walk past his place, I still chuckle and snort a bit when I remember his opinion of Gharge Dubeeya Boosh. "Wha, hees nothin' but a G. D. floatahh," he said.

"A floatahh? What's that?"

Jubilation looked down, sighed with slight embarrassment and said, "Yew know? A floatahh - waste dat jus wone flush!"

BushCo Never Implemented the “Southeast Louisiana Catastrophic Hurricane Plan”

Take a look at the post that Ginny put up at The Democratic Daily! It's just more proof of the incompetence of FEMA, and the DHS! They had a “Southeast Louisiana Catastrophic Hurricane Plan” that was never put into play when Katrina was headed toward us!

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) released a report today on the 7,500 records they forced the DHS to turn over in a FOIA request and subsequent lawsuit. Will anyone be surprised to learn this is the same song, new verse, on the amazing incompetence of business folks trying to run government?

The Best Laid Plans: The Story of How the Government Ignored Its Own Gulf Coast Hurricane Plan (or go here for the executive summary.) Seriously, there was a “Southeast Louisiana Catastrophic Hurricane Plan” (SLCHP), which was not initiated when Katrina started heading to that part of the coast.

You want to know why?

    On August 28, 2005, the day before Katrina hit, FEMA Deputy Director Patrick Rhode sent an email to Deputy Chief of Staff Brooks Altshuler and Michael Heath, Special Assistant to FEMA Director Michael Brown, with the subject line, “copy of New Orleans cat plan” stating, “I never got one – I think Brown got my copy – did you get one?”

As you get further down, you see something else that CREW found:

which forecast a range of specific consequences, including:

New Orleans would be flooded with 14-17 feet of water, the levee system inundated with at least 10 feet of water and the hurricane would move into Mississippi;
One million people would evacuate, but flooding would trap at least 250-350,000 ; and
Each hurricane victim would require a minimum of two Meals Ready to Eat, one gallon of water and eight pounds of ice per day.

Read the whole post HERE

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sweet First Kiss

So, it's your first kiss and several questions might come to mind:

Is it the right time? (Chew lip)

Is anyone watching? (Eyes dart left to right)

Does your partner even want to? (Stare)

Is your breath fresh? (Hand to mouth, blow, sniff)

Then you lean in and just go for it!!!


If you become Prezidunce, it's about the same:

Butt, as far as I'm concerned, they can all just kiss my -


A very sad story

Back before the storms of 2005, I bought my current place. After buying the place, that was recommended to me by a friend, I met others around here, and some that they knew. The friend that gave me the scoop on the deal I got on this place, had a lady that lived next door to him. After being here for a little while, I met the buddy's neighbor, and she instantly wanted me to meet her sister. She said we would be good together! The sister was something else. She was in the middle of a rabid divorce, and could only talk about that one subject. Later, we saw that both the sisters were out the box, and on drugs to the extent of doctor shopping. Going from one doctor to another to get prescriptions for drugs. Over the time, I talked to her maybe a couple of times, after I refused to be a part of that world. The last time I talked to Roxy, she told me how she had gotten on crack, and was finally off the drugs.

She sat there and told me a lie to my face, and I knew better than to believe it. I already knew that she and her sister were still up to the old tricks, and were doing crack, methadone, and various other prescription drugs, and dealing them too. The girl had lost weight, and had that far away look when telling me something. She could not look me in the eyes. She was the typical abuser that had a fairy tale response to why things were like they were. I still don't understand why she would ever want to get close to someone like me. Why the hell would a person want to get close a man that they know buried a brother that was murdered over drugs, and left to Marine Corps boot camp three days later, if that person was on drugs?

She walked a very different path from this man. After all the attempts to help make her understand where she was headed, I failed! She would not listen, and only got worse. Worse beyond your belief! Today, Roxy sits in the Terrebonne Parish Jail, for charges of second degree murder. Second degree murder, of her very own son, that she helped to smuggle drugs into the jail for, that was found dead in jail, for an overdose of the very same drugs she helped to get to him. Her son died of an overdose of cocaine and methadone. She has now had her arraignment, via video transmission from the Terrebonne Parish jail, and pleaded not guilty. Another life ruined, and after so much time spent trying to correct it, before it happened. Like I said, a very sad story.

The mother of a Terrebonne jail inmate who died of a drug overdose pleaded not guilty Monday to the murder charge she faces for her alleged role smuggling the drugs to him.

Roxanne Lirette, 44, and her alleged accomplice, Monique Champagne, each pleaded not guilty to the second-degree murder of 27-year-old Jeremy Walker, Lirette’s son, who died in the jail in February.

The penalty under state law for second-degree murder is an automatic life sentence.


Autopsies have concluded that Walker’s Feb. 10 death was the result of an overdose of cocaine and methadone, authorities said. Those drugs were hidden by his mother within the parcels of tobacco and marijuana the two deputies were bringing into the jail, authorities allege.

Toothpaste and pancake batter

Now I have heard some stories of inmates doing some pretty inventive things to get stuff smuggled into jail. But this one is out there! Two inmates in Missouri, cut a hole in the wall, and then did quite a culinary masterpiece. After cutting the hole in the wall, to allow the female in the next cell to slip into the cell of the male inmate, they covered it with toothpaste and pancake mix. I think I'll file this one away in the WTF file.

Two southeastern Missouri inmates who used pancake batter to cover a hole they cut in a wall between jail cells will at least have a plate the next time they try such a culinary trick.

The Scott City Jail is adding steel plates to its interior walls after the industrious inmates made the hole and hid it with flapjack mix and toothpaste, police said.

Jail staff discovered the opening this weekend, police Chief Don Cobb said. He said inmates removed a block from the wall, allowing a female inmate to slide into the next cell, where a male inmate was housed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Celebs gone wild

I normally don't post on this kinda of stuff. I hate the amount of coverage these people get when so much is going on in the real world that does not revolve around a bunch of rich idiots. There are three items that I will direct your attention to.

The news is buzzing again because the billionaire bimbo is out of jail now. Sure you're gonna be a good girl now Paris. The star of "The Simple Mind Life" is reported, like anyone really gives a damn, to have been in "very high spirits." Now go crawl back under your rock Paris, and let some real news be reported.

As Paris Hilton made her way out of Lynwood, she shook a few hands and hugged a few deputies before jumping into her parents' waiting SUV.
Once inside the car, Paris rolled down the window and waved to the photogs and she couldn't stop smiling! She gushed, "I'm great ... Thank you for your support."

WWE superstar, Chris Benoit was found dead on Monday, along with his wife and son. Benoit was scheduled to "perform at the "Vengeance" pay-per-view event Sunday night in Houston" but was replaced at the last minute for "personal reasons." The deaths are being treated as a murder-suicide. Sure sounds like "Personal Reasons" to me!

WWE wrestler Chris Benoit, his wife and son were found dead Monday, and police said they were investigating the deaths as a murder-suicide.

Authorites tell ABC News the case was being treated as a murder-suicide, but said that couldn't be confirmed until evidence was examined by a crime lab.

WAGA-TV reported investigators believe the 40-year-old Benoit killed his wife, Nancy, and 7-year-old son, Daniel, over the weekend, then himself on Monday. The bodies were found in three rooms.

World Wrestling Entertainment said on its Web site that it asked authorities to check on Benoit and his family after being alerted by friends who received "several curious text messages sent by Benoit early Sunday morning."

And finally, we get to BRITNEY!! What is up with all the wardrobe-malfunctions? I mean really Britney, have you not had enough attention? Like Paris, it's time for you to hang low for a while. Between the two of you, one is hard pressed to know that New Orleans, which is in your home state, still struggles for existence. At least use all that attention to help your state recover. FYI, there's a war going on too...just in case you're too shallow to realize it!

Britney was trying on several different outfits at the Beverly Hills store Jill Roberts when she stepped out to consult with her cousin Allie Sims. Her mammaries did pop out but she was wearing underwear!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Nature Pics

I snapped these pics a few mornings ago. This moth is just beautiful!

Up at the top left corner of the same window, this cute little frog was keeping the moth company.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

She Wore Sea Green

We stood staring at her dressed in a lovely sea foam green shirt dress while she pirouettes around the room, careening from one high gloss table to another, dodging lamps and statues only to return with another bright summery vase of perky daisies. “Lovely, simply lovely,” she hummed to no one in particular.

“Excuse me? Excuse me,” I said.

“You wanted to speak to me, dear?” She said as she nudged an errant rug into place with her slippered foot.

“The flowers are lovely, but did you know there is an inferno of flames burning the house down?”

Pivoting toward us, she said, “Goodness! I'm so surprised to hear that. Well, won't you help me decorate so things will look nice if and when help arrives? ”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) yesterday reaffirmed her commitment to end the war in Iraq, but her words were greeted with skepticism and some boos by anti-war liberal activists.

Addressing the liberal pressure group Campaign for America’s Future, Pelosi called the war in Iraq a “tragedy” and a “grotesque mistake,” but her words elicited catcalls for her to do more.

Pelosi acknowledged the protesters and even challenged them.

At the end of her remarks, she said, “Instead of fighting with us, which is your right to do, let’s work together.”

Let me get this straight. Something is a tragedy and a grotesque mistake, but you don't do everything in your power to stop the tragedy from metastasizing into the agonizing death of this country? What kind of help do you need? Is it your hearing?

Over 70% of the population of the United States, the very people you serve are saying:


Psalms from Pastor Reaper

WARNING: If you are easily offended by the bashing of religion, and all that comes with it, you need go no further. This is meant as humor, and a way to make a statement against the hypocrisy of the previous mentioned maker of money. Oh who am I kidding, this is something I have no reason to say I'm sorry for! You can find the original post Here. Church is in session!

Sing along now my childen, don't be shy!

Jeebus loves me! This I know,
For the Bahble tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong;
They are weak, but the priest are strong.


Yep, Jeebus wuvs me!
Yep, Jeebus wuvs me!
Yep, Jeebus wuvs me!
The Bahble tells me so.

Jeebus loves me! This I know,
He even hung out with a ho',
Taking children on His knee,
Saying, “Do you want some can-dee.”


Jeebus wuvs me still today,
But I'll go to hell if I'm gay,
Wanting as a friend to give
So the preacher can have a better life to live.


Jeebus wuvs me! He who died
Just don't have your legs open wide;
He will wash away my sin,
As long as the money keeps coming in.


Jeebus wuvs me! He will stay
Just as long as I'm not gay;
Thou hast bled and died for me,
I'm protected by the priest he sent to me.


A sermon is soon to come to the house of Reaper. Pastor Reaper is preparing a special sermon for all to adore. Praze Jeebus! Now go forth in the name of the LAWD!

Friday, June 22, 2007

More support of the troops

So let me get this right, a man goes to war, the deployment is extended, and somehow you missed that? Have you people even picked up a newspaper in the last few years? Pay no heed to the fact that he has been with your company for "15 years and is a group leader." But how do you over look the fact that he is away and is in a war zone? Delta Faucet Co. saw fit to send a letter of firing to an Indiana National Guardsman! A Guardsman, that is serving in Iraq none the less! His wife was angered to say the least. After intervention, the company retracted the termination. Well DUH! Under federal law, anyone that is called to active duty, is allowed to return to that job within 90 days after the active duty ends.

A company has retracted the termination letter sent to an Indiana National Guardsman serving in Iraq and apologized to his family.

Misty Veerkamp opened the letter from the human resources manager at Greensburg's Delta Faucet Co. plant last week saying her husband, David Veerkamp, was being fired because he had not returned to work from a yearlong leave of absence.

He remains deployed to Iraq, however, since being called to active duty in June 2006 _ and Misty Veerkamp said she was shocked by the letter.

Is it too much to ask for people to actually support those that they claim to? They claim that their policy is to welcome back the men and women serving in the armed forces. So where did you think he was? A safari? One would think that with him being a team leader, someone knew he went to war. Get the act together, and pay attention to what is going on. I do thank you for seeing the folly of your ways, even if you had no choice in the matter. You may not have meant any anxiety for the family and the service member, but it was there. You will take him back now, and I suggest you give that man a raise. A promotion even!

"We did not mean to cause any additional anxiety for the family of those serving in the military," the statement said. "Our policy has been, and will continue to be, to welcome back the men and women of Delta serving in the armed forces."

Cheney not part of Executive Department? Please Congress, make it so!

Vice President Harry S. Truman plays the piano as actress Lauren Bacall, perched on the instrument,
looks on, at the National Press Club canteen in Washington, Feb. 10, 1945.

After extensively researching the US Constitution this morning before I attacked the crossword puzzle I have discovered that the term Vice President appears in that revered and trusted document and its amendments no less than than twenty four times. In no instance does the term appear near the words "shall be an employee of the executive department," however, the term also does not appear near the words "shall maintain an office in the White House where he will hold secret meetings with the various "Captains of Industry" and where it will be convenient for him, from time to time, to pick up the President by the ears for a good corrective shake."

I guess what we have here is something historians call a "Constitutional Mexican toss up" which will be decided by the courts long after the deaths of the parties involved.

I do believe however, that a cursory study of photograph of the Vice President engaged at his duties above will convince even the most disinclined observer that the Vice President has historically exercised executive functions.

If anyone needs further research on this please wait until later, I still have to deal with that puzzle.

Bob Higgins

Worldwide Sawdust

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chertoff Agrees to Kerry’s Request to Protect Wife of MIA Soldier

Yesterday, Rebel Reaper reported the story here of the Army wife who faced deportation, although her husband is currently MIA. I followed up on Rebel's piece with a piece about John Kerry's efforts to keep Army Specialist Alex Jimenez's wife, Yaderlin Hiraldo from being deported. The whole mess was another one of those classic Bush style instances of how to "support the troops." I am happy to report that Senator Kerry's efforts have paid off:

READ ON: Chertoff Agrees to Kerry’s Request to Protect Wife of MIA Soldier

How Many Degrees Separate Mengele from the APA, The Gestapo from the CIA?

The EDSA Revolution, also referred to as the People Power Revolution and the Philippine Revolution of 1986, was a mostly non-violent mass demonstration in the Philippines. Four days of peaceful action by millions of Filipinos led to the downfall of the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos and the installation of Corazon Aquino as president of the Republic. EDSA stands for Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, the main highway in Metro Manila and the main site of the demonstrations.

In the last year or so I've posted more than a few articles protesting various aspects of the Cheney/Bush administration and their ill conceived, illegal and insane policies and on several occasions I've led the pieces with pictures that cast Cheney and Bush in Nazi uniforms. I have no facility with Photoshop so I "borrowed" the images from here and there around the web. My apologies to those unheralded graphic geniuses whose work I "borrowed."

The pieces were generally well received around the liberal blogosphere but locally, here in Dayton, Ohio I took no small amount of heat for comparing Cheney/Bush and his criminal minions with Hitler and his henchmen. I received some very unflattering comments, some hate mail, more than a few invitations to an ass kicking, mine was intended I believe, and one grammatically challenged death threat.

It is not always a friendly house we play to here in the "heart"land, this crowd can get tough.

I've long believed that no matter how great my fears of the criminal depths to which the government of my country has sunk, no matter how bad I suspect things have become, the reality is always, always, worse. much worse, way worse.

That is why I'm seldom surprised by reports of governmental abuse of the rights of our citizens and other human beings around the world and why I wasn't surprised when I read an article ("The CIA's torture teachers") in Salon today in which Mark Benjamin points out the emerging facts in several investigations currently underway which point to the active participation of members (Doctors, I believe) of the American Psychological Association with the CIA and Special Force components of the US military in the criminal interrogations of prisoners being held at Guantanamo and other sites known and unknown around the world.

I also believe that I've reached an age and a level of experience at which, if I notice that if someone is pissing in my boots and simultaneously trying to explain to me that it's raining, I have no problem kicking his ass without benefit of further evidence.

Bullshit, I feel, announces itself well in advance by it's unmistakable aroma, and my sniffer has only improved with age. And so, I believe, has yours.

This makes me what they call a loose cannon, so be it.

I knew, for example, long before the first court proceeding that Scooter, along with everyone in the VPs realm and the entire "unitary executive" had signed on to destroying Joe Wilson, his wife was just necessary "collateral damage." And so, I believe did you.

I knew that Bush's pathetic little sycophant at Justice was balls deep in doing exactly what Karl Rove told him to do the moment I read the first story of the attorney firings in the press nearly a year ago, as, in my mind at least, did you.

And, to the point, I knew when these assholes started beating breasts and investigating and charging and arranging courts martial for a few poor enlisted saps, and hanging fully expendable reserve officers out to dry over their involvement in the criminal abuses at Abu Graib, I knew that the policy directives/orders had flowed like water, down the big hill, always seeking the path of least resistance, right from the headwaters of criminal madness in the big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, down through the office of "Gee Willikers" Don, to be signed off on by every cowardly, ass kissing "General" in the sickening group of careerist traitors that passes for military leadership in this Alice in Neocon world, and rolled inexorably on, like some, some, giant nightmare snowballing turd, crushing the hapless, low level few who would be sacrificed so that the dreams of empire could continue on and the profits would not abate. Somehow, I don't believe that I was alone in my "knowledge."

This story, of which I'm sure I have not heard the end, coupled with the "The General's Report" in the New Yorker by Seymour Hersh about the downfall of Antonio Taguba, an honest and honorable officer and how he became one of the millions of human casualties of the human filth in neckties who have taken control of my America and Glen Greenwald's piece this morning about Norman Podhoretz the lunatic who represents the "spiritual" core of this piratical band of psychopaths has pretty much driven my rage level to the ceiling.

I now live in a country that forces brave men like Antonio Taguba into retirement for behaving like honorable men, like soldiers, a country that rewards pathological scum like Norman Podhoretz the "Presidential Medal of Freedom."

I was right to portray Cheney/Bush as Nazis, but they are potentially far worse.

I'm ready for the barricades. I know it... let me know when you know that you are.

Bob Higgins

Worldwide Sawdust



Okay...we have a widow Yaderlin Jimenez(and let's be real...she's a WIDOW!) of an American soldier, Alex Jimenez who was "fighting for our freedom, fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over there, spreading democracy" BULLSHIT in Iraq, who was snatched by the enemy and the only thing found of him is his ID card is being THREATENED with deportation!

I am about to explode on like 5000 different goddamned levels.

So it's okay for us Latinos to serve in the military, die for this unbelievable clusterfuck of a war, but if the wife happens to be in flux and seeking her legal status, let's deport her ass because her husband already served his purpose. Dying for lies and Halliburton's profits.Fucking bitches over at the republican hell hole immigration offices don't give a damn about immigrants, regardless of their legality.

They see ALL people as disposable pawns in their fucked up wars of choice. This kind of behaviour pushes me into THEIR stupid realm of thinking along the lines of race. I would bet a dollar to a dog biscuit that if the soldier was white and his wife was an immigrant from Europe they wouldn't deport HER!

All latinos and minorities should just drop their guns and tell the white military officers to fight their own goddamned war. I just now noticed that this was already written about here by a fellow contributor but I just felt like venting about it here and on my blog. I am fit to be TIED right now!

Pinches hijos de putas infelizes!!

Yassir, Massa Sir

Via Liss at Shakesville this quote of the day:

“Proud you’re here. Thanks for coming. You all enjoy yourself. Make sure you pick up all the trash after it’s over.” — President Bush, to Kermit Ruffins and the Barbeque Swingers, a New Orleans jazz band comprised of black musicians, on the occasion of their providing the entertainment at a barbecue on the South Lawn of the White House...”

As Liss notes, "Telling the negroes to “pick up all the trash" must be something Bush finds hilarious...especially after Katrina and all.

How many more days till Operation American Freedom (aka 1/20/09) commences?

Cross Posted from AoF

Blogswarm against Theocracy

How many ways can we find to restore our Constitution, and the principles that made the IDEA of our nation possible? One way is to put the brakes on this growing theocracy - and what better way to get that message out than a SECOND blogswarm against Theocracy? Click on the link for details, which will be updated, on how to email your post directly to the blog. And get ready with your own posts.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dear Doctor, I'm Not Blind

Old Bob sidled up to me and we began to chat, gently and without purpose for the first few minutes and then he pulled out his barbed right wing brain hoping to rile me.

"So," he said, "I saw you with those crazy protesters last week. Why are you so upset with this war? I mean, your life is the same. Nothing is changed with you. Why does it bother you?"

"It's my eyes, Bob. This war hurts my eyes."

"Your eyes! What do you mean, you eyes?" he said.

Just look down the street. Here, look at Miriam's house - all blown to rubble and here she is screaming in pain over the lifeless bloody corpses of her grandchildren. But that doesn't bother me because I can go home and have a double fudge brownie. And look, there's the mail carrier! She's bringing you more of those sympathy cards over the death of your son and grandchild. You know, when their home was ransacked and they were mistakenly shot while we were trying to bring democracy to them? But, that's ok because we can go shopping later and buy that new TV you've been wanting."

Bob, has creeping red flushing across his face (blood pressure)and he says, "Now stop right now! These things aren't happening here. You're crazy!"

"No, Bob, it's my eyes. Everytime I see all the innocent people being slaughtered or left out in the weather like in Katrina, those people who live far away are the same as my neighbors and friends and family. My eyes hurt to see it. These people are suffering horribly and we are not only causing it, but (my voice goes up an octave) we are being forced to pay for the violence and brutality!"

Bob is silent for a moment and says, "You better get your eyes checked."

"Maybe you should look into that blindness thing, Bob."

Support the troops, deport their wives

The wife of Army Spec. Alex Jimenez, that has been missing since his unit was attacked on May 12th, may be deported because she entered the U.S. in 2001 illegally. They married in 2004, and he requested a green card for her, and that put her on the radar of authorities. Jimenez you may recall, is one of the soldiers that troops are still searching for, and whose "identification cards were found in an al-Qaeda safe house north of Baghdad." So having her husband missing and facing the potential death of him, is not enough. Lets go ahead and pile it on! Send that illegal back to where she belongs. Never mind the fact that her husband may be dead after serving in the United States Military in a combat status.

The wife of a soldier missing in Iraq could face deportation, her lawyer told a television station.

Army Spec. Alex Jimenez, who has been missing since his unit was attacked by insurgents in Iraq on May 12, had petitioned for a green card for his wife, Yaderlin, whom he married in 2004, Boston's WBZ-TV reported Tuesday.

Their attorney is seeking a hardship waiver, because if she gets sent back to the Dominican Republic, she would have to wait 10 years before she could apply again for a green card. This would be a major injustice if this was to happen! The very thought of deporting a family member of a missing soldier is repulsive.

"I can't imagine a bigger injustice than that, to be deporting some one's wife who is fighting and possibly dying for our country," Mr. Kolken told the station.

Enough of the yellow magnet mentality already. You send them to an illegal war, put them in horrible conditions while they try to recover, you fight against a proper raise for them, you reduce benefits, you lose their veterans data more than once, you extend their tours of duty, make them go back early and multiple times, and you want to deport their wives now. The list just goes on and on.

I think we all see just how much you loony birds support the troops. You just support them to death, literally!

Cross Posted from Reaper Speak

Is Impeachment On The Table YET?

Because it is long overdue for the president to get served!: "Troop Surge to be Extended"

I actually have no words that can express my anger coherently right now.

My husband and I are having issues right now because he has hardly been home at all since he got back from Iraq in November.

Being separated for 12 months is hard enough and he have had major issues in our marriage stemming from a "typical" deployment.

The next time he deploys he is expected to be gone 15 months, maybe more.

I honestly don't know how I am going to get through 15+ months of spending every day and night alone without my spouse.

Sure, I've got my friends. I've got my business. But, I am still expected to do it all alone and that includes handling this household and any of his needs that he can't take care of over there.

As it is, I am already thoroughly burned out and there is no end in sight.

The kids think "daddy's work" is in Iraq. Whenever he leaves the house, these days, they always ask him if he's going to work in Iraq (since, while he was gone, I just used to tell him he was "at work"). They have insecurities about how long it will be between the time he leaves the house and the time he returns (days/weeks/months).

And, now, he is preparing to take emergency leave because his grandfather is terminally ill and that means that even though he has not even been home a week, since NTC, I will be expected to continue to run the household as if he is deployed...such as I have been doing since the first of the year.

I just feel trapped.

The more I think about what I am going through...what other military families are going through...the more I hate Bush and all the other politicians who voted to give Bush this stupid, fucking, war.

DUIs among soldiers are way up in our neck of the woods, so are incidents of domestic violence. I've seen men with part of their head or face missing. I've seen men missing limbs. Some with major scars on their scalps. In my line of work, I am expected to smile and pretend that everything is hunky-dory, but I am losing my will to stomach visions like that.

Even a lot of wives are losing their minds. It's not just the fat chick in a previous story (she's just the least discreet and most outlandish). I have noticed an increase in spouses leaving their husbands or going crazy on their husbands income because (I believe, deep down) they believe their soldier is not coming back and even if he does, he may come back in pieces (mentally or physically). Spouses are expected to behave as if they are single mothers in every other aspect of their lives and yet they are facing the very real prospect of becoming widows (and single mothers in real life). It's fucking scary!

It was fucking scary when it was just 12 months we had to deal with. Now we are expected to grin and bear it through 15+ months! And, if a spouse cheats or goes berserk while her spouse is away, it's blamed on a flaw in her character, it's not blamed on the fact that this lousy fucking war is not helping anyone but the military contractors. It's not even helping the Iraqis!

Bush and his cronies talk a "good" game about family values. But, the more I think about it and the more I rant about it, the more I realize that the only thing these assholes care about are fetuses. They don't give a fuck about human life once it leaves the womb. These same idiots who avoided Vietnam like the plague have no problem sending our fathers, sons, daughters, mothers into another fucking long as it's NOT THEIR fathers, sons, daughters, mothers!

It is long overdue to set the table for impeachment.

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One Year and Counting! - Custom comment codes

Glad to be part of a great blog!

One year anniversary

It's hard to believe, but it was a year ago today that The Katrinacrat Blog had life breathed into it. 500+ posts later, there is still much more to be done. I would like to take the time to thank the contributors for all the help that they have given. May we have many more years! To all the readers, thank you so much.

Let’s Not Take Back Accountability by Misinterpreting A Senate Vote

James Boyce, who I consider to be a great progressive blogger linked to a misleading USA Today article yesterday in a piece he wrote on the HuffPo. What disturbs me about this, is that Boyce is a blogger that usually does the research and makes sure he’s got something straight before he posts it. This time, evidently he didn’t and he misrepresented Kerry’s stance “in 2005, when the last fuel efficiency bill came before the US Senate,” referring to an amendment (so noted by USA Today) by Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill in 2005, that was defeated by a vote of 67-28. I responded to Boyce’s post in the comments on the HuffPo with this:

I looked up the Congressional for the vote that USA Today is talking about and this is the statement from Kerry on Durbin’s Bill:

Read on here: Let’s Not Take Back Accountability by Misinterpreting A Senate Vote

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Abu Ghraib rape video?

Yikes, Abu Ghraib was worse we could ever have imagined! This is one that slipped past me on Sunday. Bush denied knowing of the abuse till he "saw the pictures of the abuse on television." Rumsfeld testified before congress, and claimed that he "had no idea of the extent of the abuse." Now the top military investigator of the Abu Ghraib scandal, retired Army Major General Antonio Taguba, claimed that "the president had to be aware" and that "At best, Taguba said, "Rumsfeld was in denial ... The photographs were available to him -- if he wanted to see them."" and that Rumsfeld was "trying acquit himself and a lot of people who are lying to protect themselves." He went on to mention some of the abuse, and then dropped a bombshell! He saw "a video of a male American soldier in uniform sodomizing a female detainee,"

The photographs taken by US jailers humiliating prisoners who were naked or hooded, on leashes or piled in a pyramid, rocked the world, becoming one of the few things Bush has said he regretted about the war.

Taguba said that he described to Rumsfeld what he termed the "torture" of "a naked detainee lying on the wet floor, handcuffed, with an interrogator shoving things up his rectum," the magazine reported.

The ex-general, who retired in January, spoke of other, undisclosed material on the Abu Ghraib abuse, including descriptions of the sexual humiliation of a father with his son, who were both detainees.

He also told the magazine he saw "a video of a male American soldier in uniform sodomizing a female detainee," adding that the video was never made public or mentioned in any court or in public.

Taguba said that all high-level officials had avoided scrutiny while the jail keepers at Abu Ghraib were tried in courts-martial.

And how could this have gone unreported?

"From what I knew, troops just don't take it upon themselves to initiate what they did without any form of knowledge of the higher-ups," Taguba told the New Yorker, adding that his orders were to investigate the military police only and not their superiors.

S.C. Republican Treasurer indicted on drug charges

South Carolina's Republican Treasurer, Thomas Ravenel, has been indicted on federal cocaine charges. I wonder what kinda of spin will come from the Rudy Giuliani campaign since Ravenel is the state chairman for Rudy's presidential campaign. You know, the same Rudy that Vitty-cent has endorsed. I think Oyster is right, it's the gift that keeps giving.

South Carolina Treasurer Thomas Ravenel, a former real estate developer who became a rising political star after his election last year, was indicted Tuesday on federal cocaine charges.


Thomas Ravenel is also the state chairman for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign.

They just keep writing this stuff for us.

Barry Bonvillian for Terrebonne Parish President

I talked to my chosen man for parish president last night, and he confirmed to me that he is running. He put up a blog to announce it, and should be going to the Houma Courier today. Way to go Barry! It's game time! WooHoo! I'm happy to announce it, and I look forward to working with Mr. Barry on getting the word out. Thank you Barry.

I, Barry Bonvillain, am announcing my candidacy for Parish President of Terrebonne Parish.

This election is about leadership and the critical need right now for proven leadership that we can trust.

Some people run for the political office for money, some for power, and some for both. I run to offer unwavering dedication to the people I love and care about.

Right now the most pressing need in this parish is hurricane protection. The only projects done on the barrier islands is when I was in office. We need to rebuild the barrier islands with sand and rocks, we need the Morganza to the Gulf for higher levees and definitely a lock in the Houma Navigation Canal. When I was hurricane shelter manager, I have seen the frustrations of the people of our parish after their homes have been flooded or devestated by wind.

Other priorities for Terrebonne Parish are drainage, infrastructure, utilities, economic development, public safety, recreation, sewerage, garbage and trash collection and accessibility to the Parish President’s office.
This election is about leadership. I have proven my leadership abilities time and time again. (e.i.) new roads, civic center, library, drainage system(1-1B, 3-1B and Schriever Project), juvenile detention center, museum, downtown revitalization and transit system. And on. And on. And on.

While Parish President I proposed several infrastructure projects (e.i.) St. Charles Ave.(done), Bayou Gardens Blvd.(done), widening of Hollywood Rd., Country Drive, and extention of West Side Blvd.. They are still talking about the ones that should have been done within the last eight years. I’ve been there and did that.
Four years ago I walked nearly the entire parish to meet with you about what you want from government and how government can help you.

I’ve listened. I’ve heard you and now I am ready to do the things you told me you wanted done. Obviously these things have not been done yet. But I can’t do it without your help. I need your vote for me on Saturday October 20th.
If you make decisions in other areas of your life based on experience then please consider how important experience is to you and your selection of a Parish President.
The parish government budget is in excess of $150 million with approximately 1000 employees. This is big, this is important and we can’t afford to settle for less than “proven leadership” to lead us.

This is important. This is business. The people’s business and we need a proven leader to manage it for us.

For over 21 years I have served you. You have elected me because I have delivered for you. At the end of the day, when all is said and done and you have to choose, please make me your choice for proven experience and trusted leadership. It does matter who leads your parish government. It matters for you and I have your best interest at heart.

The employees of parish government need someone whom they can talk to and also someone who appreciates their hard work and devotions to the people of our parish especially in emergency situations when they put their life on the line.
I hope to try to see as many of you as I can between now and the election. My phone number is 872-5955 and I will be setting up a website under Thank you.

UPDATE: The story is now up at The Houma Courier. Bonvillain throws hat in parish president's race

Monday, June 18, 2007

Spanish-American Iraq

Gather around the fire my friends. I want to tell you a story that will give understanding to the current mentality of the war hawks. Find a stump or chair, and make yourself comfortable. Feel the warmth of the camp fire as it gives you comfort in the chill of the night. In January 1898, the USS Maine was sent to Cuba during a time of chaos. Local insurrection and civil disturbances, caused the U.S. to send the USS Maine to Havana to protect U.S. interests. On February 15, 1898, at 9:30 p.m. in Havana Harbor, the USS Maine, like Bush's approval ratings, was sunk. Yellow Journalism soon was alive and thriving. An internal and accidental explosion, soon became a reason to declare war, with the help of journalists like William R. Hearst. The death of 274 men on the Maine, and yellow Journalism, helped to fuel American anger. Journalist like William R. Hearst were quick to spread the conspiracy theory of Spanish officials in Cuba being the blame.

The President and the Speaker of the House both opposed the growing beating of war drums. Unlike with Iraq, the president was not willing to have a war for the sake of war, and use it for profiteering. What was the same during those times, was the Republicans that wanted war. Republican Senator Redfield Proctor gave a speech that can be viewed as a decisive moment for the road to war. In his speech, Senator Proctor declared that "war was the only answer." Now you have a Republican Senator stepping up, and giving voice to the will for war. The Religious community and the business sector that was first in opposition of war, did an about face. This about face, left both the President and the Speaker of the House isolated in their views.

So you have Republican Senators, the business sector, and the religious communities wanting war together. Sounds familiar? Also among the war hawks, was a future President of America, Teddy Roosevelt, who called it a “splendid little war.” While the war did help with some of the scars left behind from the Civil War, America became another Imperialist nation. Much like what has happened with Iraq today, you have a war that should not have happened. Republicans, the religious right, and big business, what a “splendid little war” you have now!

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

American Healthcare is Sick

Looks like a lot of those in the for-profit areas of the health care sector are bracing for Michael Moore's Sicko, an in depth look at the health care system here in the USA.Heads of health care companies are already complaining that Moore didn't make a film that is fair and balanced. Well, if Fox is the standard for which they are measuring fair and balanced, then Moore DID do his job, especially if he shows the world what most of us know: that the goddamned pharmaceutical and insurance companies are in it for one thing: money.

I worked for a doctor's group for many years that specialized in radiology. I learned A LOT about how insurance companies pay bills, especially federal programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Now to be fair, when doctors accept Medicare and Medicaid as payment, they received mere pennies on the dollar for their services. Then on the other extreme you have managed health care programs that charge employers and employees out the damn ass and pay anywhere between 0-80% on doctor's bills and visits. Preventive health care was basically non-existent.
With the baby boomers aging and now that the politicos are tossing around the fact that 44+ million Americans are without insurance (that would include me until July 1st), health care is becoming a HUGE issue. Not having insurance is a hardship and a real threat to financial well-being if something catastrophic happens. Last Friday I was rushed to the hospital and had to have emergency surgery on my appendix. I went to a great facility where I received great attention and care. I dread the hospital bills. I will be asking for financial assistance that the hospital will be providing me with. I am prepared to pay what I have to. But when I was thinking about the debt I was about to impose upon myself, I almost felt like not even going to the damn hospital, but I would have died if I hadn't.

I hope Michael Moore socks it to the damn health care industry. It's about time that health care should be more affordable and accessible. Those of us in the working class, insurance is not a luxury, it's essential. Sicko premieres Friday June 29th.

Today's Iraq War Death Toll: 3,524

Damn Spiders!

SO i'm not the biggest fan of anything with eight legs! I don't like spiders, and have not since I was bitten when younger by one that swole me up. My eyes swole shut after getting bitten on the cheek bone and I looked like a movie monster. Well this big ass freak decides to be in the same space as me last night at work. I notice it, and after looking for a minute, I just tried to ignore it and let it be. Mr. eight legged freak just kept raising up his front legs like he wanted to fight. So since I just got to work, I just left him alone and went put on a pot of coffee. When I got done with that, I headed back up front to get my paperwork started. Ole freaky one was no longer by the front entrance where I left him!

That bastard decided to be in the path I had to take to get back to my station. Once again with the front legs! Hey you asshole, just leave well enough alone! So several minutes later, the coffee must be done by now. I get up and start to step and put on the breaks! The freak followed me back to my station! About six feet away, the freaky one was going at it again with the legs. WTF? Now I'm stuck in a corner with the stalker, and no way to get out. I look around, and the only thing I saw right off the bat, was some lysol. I figured if he got some of that in his way, he would take the high road and get out the way.

Ain't Gonna Happen!

It marched right through it, and stopped to once again, do the leg thingie! I tried again, and he did the same. So I soaked that sucker with an attitude. Made a massive puddle around him. He slowed down, and still he came! Once more with the puddle effect, and it finally plopped down and drew in it's legs. WTF? Now my nerves were already raw and on edge from a fire a block away, and I just wanted to stomp that sucker. But I just knew if I tried, he would hop on my foot and I would have to act the fool. He stalked me already, so I was giving no chance for him to taste me. I snapped this picture of the creature after.

After the first pic, I figured it would be hard to really fathom how big it was. So I waited, and made sure that bastard was dead like disco! I put a pen down to give an idea of the size. Mr. crumpled legs got to pose with a red, white and blue pen. Freaky little bastard!

Did I mention I don't trust anything with eight legs? FREAKS!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Talk to the Foot

Peace Foot - can you do that with yer toes? I can't either unless I use glue and then my sandals won't fit and I can't get them off without ripping up the insole. What a mess.

One concerned commenter on the previous post at Knock-Knock worries that if members of the Democratic party rebel, Karl Rove and the rest of the political manipulators will have their dreams come true.

For this former hard working, cash donating lifetime Democrat, I'm telling you I don't give a flying fig what Karl Rove says or does or wants. I don't care what the Democratic Party or the Republican Party wants - I ain't playing no-moh politikin games. There are too many serious infractions against common sense, logic and basic principles of decency for me to participate at any level.

Too many of us forgot what WE want and what we REFUSE to accept. Our own principles have been drowned out by the constant beating drums of propaganda, spin and lies not worthy of a 14 year old skill level. The principles of democracy are on the last rinse cycle, on the edge being spun into the sewer. The Americans I know, (Democrat or Republican): Don't do wars for the sake of corporate profit; Don't do regime changes; Don't do torture, Don't kick the Geneva Convention aside as a quaint old document; Don't have secret prisons; Don't haul citizens off without an open court hearing; Don't toss around money entrusted to them by the citizens like it was used toilet paper and real Americans, and DO NOT stand quietly by and let these things happen in their name.

From my point of view, when the Democrats ignored the people and played the political dodge ball by not digging their feet in to take a stand against any of these anti-American acts. That was the moment the Dems officially gave the neocons full rein to do any damnable thing they want - including bomb Iran or any other crazy wild-eyed murderous, corporate profit making scheme they dream up. If you, like millions of other citizens have ever written your congress a petition of complaint, made a phone call or sent a letter - they at that moment spit on your pleas.

We are already seeing the effects of the Democrats complicity with the criminal elements in today's government. No matter how much the Democratic Congress people complain and fuss, they still back off to the Bush administration demands. For me, I refuse to be a part of aiding and abetting this criminal anti-American activity. From now on, the only organizations to get my donations and energy are the Watchdog groups (ACLU, Amnesty International, etc.) and those providing Humanitarian Aid to people damaged by our political games.

For the people who still want to throw political dice gambling with the lives of real people, I say - Talk to the Foot!

Suspected serial killer called for jury duty

Ronald Joseph Dominique, the suspected serial killer, was picked by a computer to serve on a Terrebonne Parish grand jury. Dominique, is said to have confessed to the killing of 23 men in south eastern Louisiana. He is said to have raped and then killed the 23 victims before dumping the bodies in remote areas. Terrebonne Parish District Attorney Joe Waitz Jr., says he will seek the death penalty. The computer picked 100 potential jurors, and Dominique of all people was chosen!

Houma’s accused serial killer has a special court date, not in connection with his pending murder charges, but his new membership in a rather exclusive club.

The name of Ronald Dominique, who police say confessed to killing 23 men in the bayou region during a nine-year period, was among 100 drawn by computer for service on a Terrebonne Parish grand jury that will be seated July 9.

Dominique will not have too much to worry about though. He is prohibited by state law from serving on a jury while indicted for a crime.

State law prohibits anyone indicted for a crime to serve as a juror, and it is therefore likely that District Court Judge Randy Bethancourt will dismiss Dominique from grand-jury service, if he has not done so already.

Well I sure hope so, it seems to me that having a suspected serial killer on the grand jury might cause trouble for the DA when it comes to bringing charges of murder on someone, when the same man you captured and are trying to put on death row has a vote!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sammy Kershaw challenging Mitch Landrieu

Country singer, Sammy Kershaw, is challenging Mitch Landrieu for Louisiana lieutenant governor, as a republican. Sammy Kershaw performed for Bush at both 2004 campaign events, and his 2001 inaugural festivities.

Country singer Sammy Kershaw announced Wednesday that he's running for Louisiana lieutenant governor as a Republican, challenging incumbent Democrat Mitch Landrieu.

Kershaw partly lives in Nashville, Tenn., but since 2005 has rented a home in Duson, near Lafayette, and before that had a home in Kaplan, campaign spokeswoman Amy Jones said. A Vermilion Parish native, Kershaw has been a registered voter in Louisiana since 1999, she said.

I can see this year is going to be something to behold down here in the bayou state! GOD help us!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Not too bright

Not a good way to make friends. If you like tickets and fines, I suggest you use this tactic.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Republican Stupidity On Display Per Usual - Create custom images
Abortions For Rape Victims? Brownback Says No:Brownback Was Campaigning Before Catholic Group
Campaigning before the National Catholic Men's Conference, Brownback questioned whether rape victims should get abortions.

"Is (rape) made any better by killing an innocent child? Does it solve the problem for the woman that's been raped?" the Kansas Republican asked at the St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers gathering.

"We need to protect innocent life. Period," Brownback said, bringing the crowd of about 500 to its feet.

Tina at fuzzy and blue, weighs in with the following:
Uh, well it will never take away the horrific rape (or the horrible diseases and possible HIV infection that could have resulted from the rape) but it certainly could help ease the burden on the woman because why should she (and perhaps her husband/partner and children) be forced to endure a forced pregnancy, labor, birth, and ultimately, a child-- that was never EVER wanted-- and only came about due to brutal violence?

I wholeheartedly agree with Tina, especially having been brutally raped, myself.

Any man who would force any woman, but most especially a woman literally forced into pregnancy through rape, to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term is a heartless, theocratic thug. They can't force rapists to get castrated, but they want to force women to have babies against their will. This is beyond cruel, it is inhumane.

Politicians like Brownback, a man who believes whole-heartedly in Creationism, scare the shit out of me. We do not want nor need imbeciles like him holding any of the reins of power, most especially the presidency, especially in light of the continuing precedents that our current dumb-ass in chief has been establishing.

I'm with betmo when she says it's time to stop being "tolerant" of other's beliefs, especially when those beliefs will turn back the clock to Old Testament times.

If rapists can't be surgically castrated; if crazy people can't be forced to take medicines that make them more sane; if men/women with too many babies can't be forced to surgically sterilized, then why is it OK to force a woman to carry a baby she does not want and add to the emotional pregnancy mix the stress of carrying a product of rape to term allowing the rapist parental rights (yes, in some states, rapists or their families can fight for parental rights!) and possibly put her life and/or the well-being of her other children and/or maybe her marriage, in jeopardy?

If a rapist has a right to their own body; if a crazy person has a right to their own body, then women have rights to their own body, to decide for themselves whether or not to carry a baby to term (regardless of how she got pregnant).

It's that simple.

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Killing our own

Cross posted as my first post at The Democratic Daily

I showed up this morning to check up on Donnie. What I saw, shocked me! Since he did the post on the Marines going against the Marine that protested, this was the first time I got to see him. He was nothing like the person I know. He was very livid about this person named Ron, that has attacked again. The man lost a part of himself when he posted against the Marine Corps in that post. It made him ill to do it, and yet he thought it was the right thing to do. If you knew him, you would understand what it took for him to speak out. He reminded me of the old days when he got back. He now has that look that stares off, and is thinking of other things when speaking to you. Something has pissed him off! For the first time in many years, he scared me. He is thinking, and is about to make a move. He's about ready to start a revolution! Enough is enough, seems to be going through his mind now. Blogger attacks will be soon to come if I know him. I pity the fools that have earned his ire, and receive his anger.

One thing I can tell you about the man, is that he does not know how to quit. He may want to, and say he will, but you will have that man on your ass forever if you piss him off. Loyalty is something that he believes in, but not to the point of letting it cloud his senses. But if it is the right thing to do, then you are in for a fight. I once watched that man pick up someone bigger than himself by the throat. He did it in the defense of a woman, and spoke in a deep voice. He asked the man if he now wanted mercy, or the same treatment he gave to the woman. The man chose mercy, and he gave it to him. He then help to straighten out the guy's clothes, and told him to go in peace! Now this is where it got funny, he turned around and winked at me. He said that might be known as peaceful aggression in some people's eyes!

It blew my mind, but I knew then, that he understood that keeping the peace, and protecting people sometimes meant you have to be on the offensive. Some will always want war and try to bring hate to the rest of the world. But we still have some that are willing to give all to help make it a better place to live. That made me think about the rest of the Marines. They are trained to do a job, but down in their souls, they do want peace for us. That does seem to be their job, but if the need arises, they are there to issue out punishment to those that would dare to violate that peace.

It's no wonder that people still sign up for the Corps. Even in the time of war, being a Marine is something we don't fully understand. These are people that are brothers forever. How can we ever fully understand that without Marines that are willing to talk to us? We hate this war, but some among us can tell us why people still do it. I not only pity Ron, but I think he is lost. Lost in his own ego, and his own world the he wishes to live in. Some have fought for their lives, and fought for this nation. But all things Ron are the words of the day. How shallow you must be.

So I don't know the people here yet, but I know Donnie, and if he says you are okay, you must be a great bunch of people. If he leads the charge, I am right behind him. Unlike Ron, Pamela and Donnie are leaders. They try to bring the group together, and that is not the MO of Doc! Biased? You bet your ass I am! You Ron Chusid, suck the big one!

SWOOSH, clean swipe of the blade!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Take My Wife, Er, Leader, Please

Bush Treated Like Rock Star In Albania:

TIRANA, Albania, June 10 — His poll numbers may be in the basement, but when he zipped through this small, relentlessly pro-American nation on Sunday, President Bush was treated like a rock star.

"Military cannons boomed a 21-gun salute in his honor. Thousands of people jammed Skanderbeg Square in downtown Tirana, wearing Uncle Sam top hats in the sweltering heat, hoping to glimpse the presidential motorcade. The superlatives flowed so freely that Mr. Bush looked a tad sheepish when Prime Minister Sali Berisha proclaimed him "the greatest and most distinguished guest we have ever had in all times."

LOL. Whether that has to do with the fact that no one has ever actually been to Albania before is irrelevant.

Message to Albanians Everywhere: On Behalf of the American People, you can have him. Really. Please, for the love of God, take him ASAP.

Cross posted (with apologies to Henny Youngman) from AoF

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Katrinacrat Blog Round Up

Donnie McDaniel: CB2, the android baby

PeaceChick Mary: Viewing Fathers Day From Gitmo

Donnie McDaniel: A little closer

Donnie McDaniel: Sir, No Sir!

Todd Mitchell: Rabbit Ears

Donnie McDaniel: That's some kind of family values

Donnie McDaniel: Sure you stopped drinking!

Todd Mitchell: Free Paris!

Donnie McDaniel: Yes sir, Mr. Pope sir

Donnie McDaniel: Weapons of Gay Destruction

Donnie McDaniel: Happy B-Day Sis

Happy B-Day sis

I just got off the phone with my baby sis. It's her B-Day, and I had to take the time to talk to her. I hope you have a great day Tally. I love and miss you. So what do you think we should name her? Baby K-Crat or Tallycrat? She spent many days mad at me when I was a republican!!! Ya know, before I grew up.


Weapons of Gay Destruction

I have heard of some really crazy things in my life, but the Pentagon must have some people in the furthest reaches of sanity with this one. Taking one from the times of the 60's, they really wanted to bring that old saying, "make love, not war" into play! In their quest to make non lethal weapons, the military actually considered building a so-called "Gay Bomb." This stuff just writes itself!

A Berkeley watchdog organization that tracks military spending said it uncovered a strange U.S. military proposal to create a hormone bomb that could purportedly turn enemy soldiers into homosexuals and make them more interested in sex than fighting.

Pentagon officials on Friday confirmed to CBS 5 that military leaders had considered, and then subsquently[sic] rejected, building the so-called "Gay Bomb."

Read the rest of the story, because I am at a lost!

Yes sir, Mr. Pope sir

Good grief, the whole world knows what a hick Bush is, and the Vatican still allowed that doofus to meet the pope. On his way to meet the pope, the baboon-in-chief thought he "recognised someone." So what does the commander guy do? He gives a big "How ya doin'?" to them! After meeting up with the pope, he drew gasps by calling the pope "sir' instead of the expected "His Holiness." So why were they surprised? It's not like they didn't know what a moron and a back woods troglodyte he is!

US President George W Bush drew gasps at the Vatican on Saturday by referring to Pope Benedict XVI as "sir" instead of the expected "His Holiness", pool reporters said.

He even went as far as to show off his Texas style posture.

The pool reporters also noted Bush's relaxed posture, crossing his legs "Texan style" while facing the pope across his desk in the private study of the apostolic palace.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Free Paris!

You wanna know the best part of the Paris Hilton jail saga the past few days (besides the fact that most of the country is salivating over the news she's on her way back to the clink as we speak)?

It's the media and other talking heads on all the major news-related channels and publications gasping about "preferential treatment" and "if you're rich and white, you don't go to jail" and on and these are fucking revelations of some kind.

I'm no fan of Hilton; I don't even know why I know who she is. But they really are scapegoating her to cover up a larger problem: and that is the rich and famous do receive preferential treatment on a daily basis in the justice system. The wealthy simply don't go to jail or prison. Ever.

What they are doing in this case is making an example out of poor Paris so as to appear that if something like this does happen (the rich escaping jail), they jump all over it to rectify it (because they don't, frankly).

Check out this dumbass, some L.A. city attorney by the name of "Rocky Delgadillo" (only in Hollywood, in a case involving a Hollywood sex kitten, could you have prosecutor with the the handle "Rocky Delgadildo").

"The city attorney who prosecuted her case, Rocky Delgadillo, said it was a case of preferential treatment for a celebrity. He asked the judge to order Ms. Hilton back to jail and asked the sheriff’s department to show why it should not be held in contempt of court for letting her go in the first place. "We cannot tolerate a two-tiered jail system where the rich and powerful receive special treatment," Mr. Delgadillo said after learning of the release.

LMAO. That must be the funniest thing I've read this week. This idiot actually offered Paris the option of going to the "Five Star Hilton of Jails" (a jail where you pay extra for five-star accommodations) when she was first sentenced, but she opted out and said she'd do her time at county, like everyone else. That earned props for Paris, in my book.

Meanwhile, this twit Delgadillo has probably never sent anyone to jail with a median income of over $75,000 (because we "cannot tolerate that" can we?).

And wtf is she doing in jail anyway? Probation has become one of the biggest money-making, net-widening scams in corrections. The idea that a probation technical violation could land anyone, rich or poor, in jail for a 45 stretch is a further mockery of "justice" and a fucking joke, truth be told. Simply put, driving without a license is not a jailable offense by any stretch of the imagination.

You wanna "rectify" the situation and put some wealthy, let's say, murderers behind bars? See also: O.J. Simpson, Robert Blake and Phil Spector.

Sorry, gang, but I'm with the Free Paris crowd. This kind of grandstanding by so-called "justice officials" is exactly what's wrong with the justice system in this country.

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Sure you stopped drinking!

Big Hat Tip to Hilly

I make no secrets about my beer drinking. It is part of my heritage down here. We have more festivals than you can imagine. We have the second only to New Orleans, Mardi Gras here in Houma. We are a drinking society here. We are very social, and thrive on social gatherings. It's our heritage! So when we have a gathering, chances are that the brew will be close by. It's social, like I mentioned before. But for some, they go out their way to pretend that they are 'born again' and 'stopped drinking' after they found the Lawd. Dubya is one of those morons that claim to have found the Lawd, and he is now sober. But as have been shown in the past, he is just the biggest liar! Photo proof is out there.

That does not look like orange juice there buddy! I see Miller Lite, and some more iced down in a bucket in the back! BTW, you look retarded! But some may ask if this is just one time. Well, we get to the pic I got from Hilly! Feast your eyes on this!

That's not praying he's doing my friends, That bastard is drinking, and he is supposed to be the leader of the free world. That is what we have to represent us in the presence of foreign dignitaries! That is is your born again president. Someone that has admitted to having a problem, and this is the truth. Feel safe yet?

Update: Stuart has more on this at The Democratic Daily.

Recently we’ve seen more reports of erratic behavior by the President in private…even with his closest friends.

Perhaps those reports are true. In Germany for the G-8 conference Yahoo has published this photo. Perhaps a photo is worth far more than a thousand words. Draw your own conclusions.

Stuart points toward a diary at DKos.

That's some kind of family values

You just got to love those conservatives from further up north here in Louisiana. The people in Alexandria, Louisiana tend to be conservative. You start getting into bible thumping country in that area.

Government & Politics

Alexandria has a mayoral-council system of government. The current Mayor - Jacques Roy - serves as the executive branch of the local government while the City Council serves as the legislative branch.

The Alexandria City Court has a limited jurisdiction, consisting of the citizens of Wards 1, 2 and 8 in Rapides Parish. Within those boundaries the court has the power to hear and decide both criminal and civil cases, rule in civil cases and hand down judgment for punishment in criminal cases.

Overall, the people of the Alexandria area tend to be conservative. Even though the majority typically elects Republicans in national elections, they frequently vote for Democrats in local elections.

So with those conservatives up there, you would think they would be all up in that family values thingy. BUT.....a "doctor, a minister and an Alexandria councilman's son were among 39 busted this week in a three-day prostitution sting." Before you start laughing, just wait till you hear the rest! Yes, it gets worse. These creatures living in a conservative district, not only were out trying to pick up hookers, but they were doing it without protection on them!

None of those charged with prostitution had condoms on them, and few of those charged with solicitation had protection either, Bobb said.

Holy cow! But....don't laugh yet! More of the insanity to come. Guess what kind of men were out there? Among the Johns, unprotected and married men were on the prowl.

The second and third days of the operation focused on the "johns." There were 29 men arrested in the Lee and Bolton areas those two days and charged with solicitation of prostitution. Most were married with families, Bobb said.

"I was definitely surprised with the number of arrests," Bobb said. "This was our third operation. And the numbers appear to be increasing instead of decreasing. You would think people would be very leery about who they select.

"And another surprise was the number of married men -- and most had no means of protection. When you are dealing with these females on the street, you have to be very cautious -- there is a high risk of sexually transmitted disease," he said.

Have fun explaining that one to the little woman and the preacher man come this Sunday! Oh wait, maybe that minister was your preacher man. If that's the case, he will be sure to understand.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rabbit Ears

Converters Signal New Era for TV's:

"At midnight on Feb. 17, 2009, the rabbit ears and the rooftop antennas that still guide television signals into nearly 1 of every 5 American homes will be rendered useless...when local television stations will cease sending their signals over the analog airwaves, and instead begin transmitting their programming exclusively over the more modern digital spectrum."

You know what's stunning about this? That in real numbers, the 1 in 5 translates into something like 20 million homes.

"Those families still using antennas on their roofs or atop their sets to watch David Letterman or “Desperate Housewives” — nearly 20 million homes, according to government figures — will eventually be unable to see their favorite programs, at least not without a digital-ready television or a converter that will serve to translate the new signals for old TVs and their antennas. (Those viewers who already get their television from satellite or cable providers are not expected to have much disruption.)

Unless you're like me, who hasn't bought a t.v. since the early 90's and runs his cable directly into the back of the t.v. sans cable box (or digital converter). Come 2/17/09, I either get a cable box and t.v. or I'm SOL too.

I'm no Luddite by any stretch of the imagination (I'm blogging, for heaven's sake), but something about forcing this total digital format on more than 20 million households (plus many more like mine) strikes me as Orwellian. And classist to a degree.

"Consumer groups, however, have expressed concern that some families will have neither the means to buy the converters nor the awareness to successfully obtain the vouchers."

Screw the poor...again.

I appreciate HDTV and the digital age just like the next person (watching golf in HDTV is an experience), but I'm just enough of a grassy knoll adherent to think the government forcing everyone into accepting this format probably means someone, somewhere, is up to no good.

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Sir, No Sir!

I have been thinking of the post that the Reaper did. I have been pondering what I would say, and waited to comment on it. I just had to let my anger abate! This is something that I had to really think about. This Marine has made his choice, and I choose to buck tradition and rebuke the Marine Corps! I have no intention on following the path that was taken when a brother Marine was singled out for his beliefs, and practiced his first amendment rights that he stood for in the form of combat. This is not just someone that talked and did not follow through on his words like the 101st keyboarders, he served his country, and he is not to be questioned on his loyalty or patriotism after he is already out. I stand with my brother! I REBUKE THIS ASSAULT ON MY FELLOW MARINE! I rebuke George W. Bush for letting this happen! I rebuke the Commandant of The Marine Corps for letting this go this far! I rebuke this whole situation! Pharaoh Bush, let my people go!

Thus saith The Katrinacrat.

A little closer

Yea, I hear ya kid! I'm not impressed either!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Viewing Fathers Day From Gitmo

This photo of an Iraqi Dad trying to comfort his child is one of the saddest images to come from this hideous war. You could substitute a Katrina Dad or the Dad of a motherless child due to war casualty or a Dad of a child dying for lack of food or medical care. The photo speaks of the inhumanity in our culture and in our leaders. Where has compassion gone? When did loving care of the little ones die? When did cruelty and ruthlessness as a national image become acceptable?

I am unable to reconcile our current state of affairs with what we could be and have a right to be. I long for a caring and peaceful nation to call my own. It is because of this schism in my mind that I have made a conscious decision to examine the politicians vying for leadership with a totally non-partisan mind and this time, I will vote my conscience. My vote will be my true representation, filled with hope and a desire for Peace.

In the past, people have warned me that if I voted for an independent or someone on the fringe of the Democratic Party, I would possible split the vote and the vile opposition would win. This time, I am making my vote represent me – 100% me. I will research the candidates and do my homework and make my voice count through the real process of Democracy – even if there is only one scrap of democracy left dangling in the wind.

How about you? Who are you? What do you stand for or stand up for? If you don't what will happen?