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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A very sad story

Back before the storms of 2005, I bought my current place. After buying the place, that was recommended to me by a friend, I met others around here, and some that they knew. The friend that gave me the scoop on the deal I got on this place, had a lady that lived next door to him. After being here for a little while, I met the buddy's neighbor, and she instantly wanted me to meet her sister. She said we would be good together! The sister was something else. She was in the middle of a rabid divorce, and could only talk about that one subject. Later, we saw that both the sisters were out the box, and on drugs to the extent of doctor shopping. Going from one doctor to another to get prescriptions for drugs. Over the time, I talked to her maybe a couple of times, after I refused to be a part of that world. The last time I talked to Roxy, she told me how she had gotten on crack, and was finally off the drugs.

She sat there and told me a lie to my face, and I knew better than to believe it. I already knew that she and her sister were still up to the old tricks, and were doing crack, methadone, and various other prescription drugs, and dealing them too. The girl had lost weight, and had that far away look when telling me something. She could not look me in the eyes. She was the typical abuser that had a fairy tale response to why things were like they were. I still don't understand why she would ever want to get close to someone like me. Why the hell would a person want to get close a man that they know buried a brother that was murdered over drugs, and left to Marine Corps boot camp three days later, if that person was on drugs?

She walked a very different path from this man. After all the attempts to help make her understand where she was headed, I failed! She would not listen, and only got worse. Worse beyond your belief! Today, Roxy sits in the Terrebonne Parish Jail, for charges of second degree murder. Second degree murder, of her very own son, that she helped to smuggle drugs into the jail for, that was found dead in jail, for an overdose of the very same drugs she helped to get to him. Her son died of an overdose of cocaine and methadone. She has now had her arraignment, via video transmission from the Terrebonne Parish jail, and pleaded not guilty. Another life ruined, and after so much time spent trying to correct it, before it happened. Like I said, a very sad story.

The mother of a Terrebonne jail inmate who died of a drug overdose pleaded not guilty Monday to the murder charge she faces for her alleged role smuggling the drugs to him.

Roxanne Lirette, 44, and her alleged accomplice, Monique Champagne, each pleaded not guilty to the second-degree murder of 27-year-old Jeremy Walker, Lirette’s son, who died in the jail in February.

The penalty under state law for second-degree murder is an automatic life sentence.


Autopsies have concluded that Walker’s Feb. 10 death was the result of an overdose of cocaine and methadone, authorities said. Those drugs were hidden by his mother within the parcels of tobacco and marijuana the two deputies were bringing into the jail, authorities allege.


azgoddess said...

my god - this is thing - at least the pain of the child is over...

and as far as drug users thinking -- basically the ones i've know don't think about others -- it's all about them

pissed off patricia said...

I don't know what to say. It's so senseless and sad. Human beings make their decisions and some have to live with them and others die from them.

Mary said...

Well it's one thing to do drugs yourself but quite another in my opinion to assist your son with a habit. Very sad.

Anon-Paranoid said...

Its a truly sad story donnie and I feel your pain. You tried to help, but it wasn't accepted.

Sometimes no matter what we do we are unable to get through to those were trying to aid and we feel the lose of a life that we tried to save.

Your a good man donnie, don't change.

God Bless.

Peacechick Mary said...

Doesn't it seem like there are some people who are pre-programmed to live lives of desperation and they whiz to that end no matter what. Well, she's got where she was going; only I doubt she's through yet.

Donnie, you did what you could, but you can't rob people of their regrets - they refuse to give them up. You're a good man, Donnie and I'm glad you're my friend.

Robert Rouse said...

This may seem like hypocrisy, but I'll go there anyway. Yes, this woman was doomed from moment she started the drug scene. Some people do not know when or how to stop - others just don't want to. Obviously she doomed her own children as well. The reason I say this might seem hypocritical is because I just posted a piece about getting rid of the prohibition on marijuana. Of course, I see a huge difference between marijuana and other drugs that some might not agree with it. Still, a sad tale indeed, Donnie.

LET'S TALK said...

Words are dancing around but just not in their logic order. Drugs such as the kind your friend was using bring a lot of bad decisions, jail and even death.

I sorry to hear that her son died from this mistake, just maybe incarceration is what she might need to get beyond the drugs and time to forget and forgive herself for her sons death.

alaskababy said...

god, what a horrible thing.

unfortunately, my oldest sister battles the drug demon and in the past supplied and used with her daughter.

Fortunately her daughter had to get clean after being shot in the abdomen during a holdup.

As for my sister, I haven't seen her in a long time. I doubt she's left the drugs.

I'm not about excusing bad choices, per se. But I understand why my sis does what she does. I can't interract with it but with all she's done, she still has my respect because I know where she came from and who she started out to be and I know who and what diverted her from that.